Data Integration

SmartERP's Data Integration team boasts of experience working with all types of data sources and data services. We understand that Data Integration is not only about data ingestion, and thus our expertise with Data Management, Transformation, Synchronization, and Data Cleansing.

Our database expertise includes Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Exasol, Teradata, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Hadoop HDFS, HIVE, and more. Thus, we have the expertise with relational databases like Oracle, SQL Server, NoSQL databases like MongoDB, and even massive parallel processing databases like Exasol.

SmartERP team has extensive experience working with various tools like Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services, Informatica, Oracle Data Integrator, SAP Data Services, and technologies like Kafka, Spark, Python, and more. Thus, we have the expertise with the standard proprietary tools and even with various open-source and flexible tools/languages for streaming data.

We understand and appreciate the various features of a database, and the ETL tool before recommendations to the client, like Scalability, Security, Concurrency, Availability, Performance, and Deployment Model flexibility.


The SmartERP team is comprised of over 350 employees around the world
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