Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

SmartERP has deep expertise and a sharp focus, on executing a diversity of Augmented Analytics client initiatives. We will work with you to develop data-driven strategies that reveal differentiation for the establishment of your own enterprise grade analytics organization that is focused on developing a competitive advantage for your organization and your clients. We work with you to evaluate the data and analytics maturity of your organization to determine the best-fit solutions that will meet your goals and objectives.Our data insights service capabilities enable faster design and development of user experience (UX) dashboards by deploying accelerators and frameworks that improve information accessibility and self-service for your users. Advanced analytics solutions move beyond passive, descriptive analytics by leveraging proactive, predictive analytics. We do this by deploying analytics engines coupled with our Data Science capabilities to provide solutions for critical business functions such as forecasting, pricing analytics, voice analytics, visual and image analytics, to name a few. SmartERP has developed frameworks and accelerators to design, build and optimize data engineering from architecting and implementation of big data capabilities to migration of traditional data applications, storage to cloud, data cataloging, metadata governance and security and privacy.

Artificial Intelligence

SmartERP AI team is focused on working with clients to assess and strategize on how to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends prediction, customer preferences, and other useful information from their enterprise data. We implement Augmented Analytics for our clients to reap business benefits, i.e. more effective marketing campaigns, the discovery of new revenue opportunities, improved customer service delivery, more efficient operations.

Machine Learning

SmartERP has developed frameworks and accelerators to design, build and optimize Machine Learning models and algorithms, from architecting and implementation of big data capabilities to implementing 75% of business use cases, in it’s own lab with an home-grown product called Smart Predict. Our experts work closely with customers, implement proof-of-value, and then work on to implement organization level strategy.

Robotic Process Automation

With over 15 years of delivery excellence in automation, we have created a gigantic bot farm. Our farm is enterprise-grade, elastic, and resilient platform for bots on demand; with it’s mailbot, chatbot, speechbot, textbot. Nearly 300+ bots, work together to provide you end to end automation of your IT stack / Business Processes i.e. continuous delivery, self-healing application or working with your customers.

Internet Of Things

Our experts analyze the customer needs, perform assessment, do a feasibility study, consider security, regulatory requirements. The team then designs the right robust IoT analytics solution, with consistency, reliability and flexibility. SmartERP team builds Data Lake, uses the best data processing tools / technologies, with the machine learning component, to create the effective IoT Analytics solution.

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The SmartERP team is comprised of over 350 employees around the world
SmartERP Analytics Leadership

Doris Wong

Chief Executive Officer
Smart ERP Solutions

David Testa

VP Business Intelligence
and Data Analytics

David Darmoni

National Director
Business Intelligence and Analytics

Nishi Kant Sharma

Business Intelligence and
Data Analytics Practice Head

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